Monday, September 5, 2011


We were settled and relaxed enough to have people over this weekend and it was bit of a feast. I was so relaxed that I began cooking only a few minutes before everyone arrived. What can I use as an excuse? im a fast cook? yeah! that'll do.
Our dining table was finally finished by the Mr on saturday, so of course we wanted to eat from it regardless that the danish oil wasnt quite dry. This made a good talking point with the testing for dryness at regular intervals.
If you recall he has been renewing/refinishing it since before the move.

Im not that person who does the dishes at night after everyone has left
so as to wake the next morning to perfection. I cant get enough of cut glass with light showing through, its a pleasure to do dishes when they are as pretty as this. (Did I ever tell you im one of two people on the planet who actually like doing the dishes?)

This glass above is one of two that my mum was throwing away, naughty her.
Oh, to see the remnants of a night well spent in friends company makes the clean up a sweet one .. and theres always more important things to do at bedtime like be tired happy, cuddle on the couch or snuggle down for the night, the only thing is I forgot to pick up a son who needed a lift home. Oops.

We are loving the olive bread we buy local right now.

There has been brownie making in the new kitchen by the couch potato
when he has his best girl Bronte over.

So glad this isnt a cooking blog cos they left me to watch it while. I. was. sewing....
lets just say it got a bit hard. Hey! it was still eaten by the masses.

What are you cooking for friends at the moment?
Inspire me


MonetPaisley said...

Yum... yum.... yum.... loving the light in the new house xx

willywagtail said...

Haha. Love the big kids with chocolaty faces.
My oldest daughter is working her way through a Jamie Oliver book and cooked a delicious chicken and spring onion/mushroom pie on Saturday. It was accompanied by baby peas and lettuce in some sort of chicken stock sauce and mashed carrots with thyme. Absolutely yummy. Dessert was summer berries in elder flower cordial with a dash of lemon juice. It was meal well worth sharing although it was only for the four of us. Cherrie

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