Friday, September 30, 2011

a before and after

As promised ive returned with a sort of before and after of yesterdays happenings.
Two images different moods. Both good, just different.

 Im glad both the girls were pretty great at the whole market thing for first timers.
Im glad you cant see how im wearing a black bra under this whitish background dress but im not so sure I got off that lightly with the folks on main street. Eeeek. 
I wish I was one of those people that goes to market prepared for anything. I suppose I will get there eventually but it is kind of the last thing on my mind to take a raincoat. Plus a sheer hatred for umbrellas grows each year so I would rather be rained upon. I just dont like being stabbed in the side of my head as much as the rest of you do. However scoring an amazing pair of gumboots at Dimmeys the other day for $9.99 should have been the warning for this day because my thongs that I was wearing slipped off a number of times while I crossed busy streets packing up. I went barefoot the rest of the time and just decided to embrace the feralness of being drenched from head to feet. 

We hope to do a photoshoot of our clothes very soon. I havent done one for a couple of years so its time. The only images I have to show for winter (and even then these Heidi coats are still lying cut out in a box) are these gorgeously shot images from Danielle Quarmby with her daughter Sienna as model.
Im so grateful to her for taking them and showcasing my clothes with an honest, artistic softness. 

There is an exciting collaboration coming up that I will be able to speak about soon, but not yet.


A Christy Production said...

Being feral is cool.

Emma Thomsen said...

I love getting soaking wet in the rain, especially the getting home to dry off bit! Gorgeous photos, very soft yet clear. Can't wait to hear about your collaboration, can't you give us a little teaser? X

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