Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tuesday makings

I totally forgot it was the Mr's day off today so that means it was our weekend, like our sunday, which completely lets me off the hook for tuesday makings and makes the list obselete, dont you think? Just for today?

I managed a few bits and pieces like baby slippers in between going in and out doing
the stuff he had on his mind to do. No eskimos in sight though and at this point im hoping for a miracle.

I have a pile of mens shirts ready for upcycling tomorrow, which I know is looking very optimistic, especially because I think im coming down with something.
I wish I felt like cutting out some little girls dresses tonight but I dont.

Here is a sneak peek at what weve been up to on our day off, ahem... I mean his day off.

I have been sidetracked working on things for him.
Wood engraving production is covering our rather large dining table and there is no room for my sewing left.
The good news is that now im the proud joint-owner of
the biggest cutting mat available so patchworking here I come!
But hang on, im getting ahead of myself here. I have to wait til thursday...

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MonetPaisley said...

Hehe, try cutting out your pattern pieces with a rotary cutter. Soo much quicker. I love the print! I think I am getting tonsillitis now.... been doing too much :-( hope u r better soon xxx

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