Thursday, September 1, 2011


Because its the first day of Spring it is time for something new.
Adi has been learning to sew and she is soooo good, I know, right? where has she been hiding?!
that here are her first dresses!
She will be opening up her own Etsy store and its going to be full of pretty but not princessy (her words).
Excuse us, were both a little bit excited here.

Ive made her her first pattern and she is already designing number three as we speak.
It seems like there is no rest to be had at our place right now but thank you all so much for the suggestions of what to watch while im on the mend.
Ill share what ive been up to later today perhaps.


Kate said...

Divine! She has the same whimsical, girly, etherial style as her mama. Lucky duck.
I hope you are well and happy Ms Wendy. I miss our emails and chatter. xx

Kate said...

oops, please, please ignore my last comment. I wrote it before I had caught up. Hope you feel better soon. Look after yourself and get everyone around you to look after you too. Big love, xx

Jennie said...

Your shoulder sounds really bad Wendy. I hope you start feeling better real soon!!!

I love these dresses - especially that first one!! My FAV colour!!XXX

tartankiwi said...

Beautiful beautiful dresses. I especially like the green one.

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