Friday, September 23, 2011

cheats pom-pom tutorial

For all of you asking about how to do cheats pom-poms here is a little tutorial.
(okay so it was just my daughter, Zjahlii, and Kate) but here it is anyway.
Ive done these like this for years cos theres no way I can be bothered doing them the proper way. It wasnt until my own daughter rang and asked 'so you sew through the cardboard and....? that it hit me that it wasnt obvious how to make them the cheats way.
So no... you dont sew through the cardboard.
You cut the cardboard out so you wont wreck your needle honeychild!

You need something rectangular like this made of cardboard. The width of the card decides the width of your finished pom-pom. Curve the cuts of the slot you create slightly so when the wool is wound around, even if it tightens the card sides together, you still get left with a channel in which to sew.

Wrap the wool around keeping in mind that you need to be able to get it through your sewing machine
so dont go too thick. Try not to pull it too tight as you go or the cardboard will bend in and youll lose your slot to sew within. 

About 50 times should do it.

Press down firmly as close to the needle as you can and sew to the end.

Reverse back a bit to reinforce.

Slice the wool open from the card both sides.

Push the wool free from the card.

Lay it down in a long caterpillar and make sure you havent messed the sides together.

Roll up.

Hold firmly.

Tie with an extra piece of wool.

Trim the extra and also the telltale cotton that gives away the machine stitching so people think youve done these the hard slow way.

Rub and fluff your pom-pom!

Trim anything that sticks out and youre done.
It looks like alot of steps but they take around five minutes all up.


MonetPaisley said...

I never would have thunk it! Similar to how I do dolls wigs...

willywagtail said...

Clever chooky!! These will work so much better than the others because the stitching will hold the wool in. I used to make pompoms for my kids to play with and of course had wool all over the house as they fell to pieces. Thanks for sharing. Hope the weekend goes well for you. Cherrie from willywagtail

A Christy Production said...

Pure geniousness. Did you come up with that yourself? *bowing down to you*

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