Wednesday, September 14, 2011

thanks, im okay now

I want to say thanks for all your uplifting and hopeful comments/emails/clarification youve been leaving for me. I was in a jumbled mess the other day and that post barely makes any sense to me! Things around here have been taking all sorts of twists and turns since then and I have been popping back and re-reading them. They have boosted my spirits while I worked out some personal direction so, thank you ladies.

Just because I wasnt feeling right didnt mean I did nothing so in these last couple of weeks ive been getting myself organised for the next few months of warm, ordering labels, business card redesigning, labeling and branding bags for market, etc. which ill be showing in here when theyre finalised
just in case you wish to see what ive come up with. In this process I discovered to my disgust (with myself) that there were things I had sewn,
 and taken to market,
 that were still waiting to be placed in the shop. Arghhh!
Everytime I found another item I actually made a little noise like that. Well, thats all sorted now and up to date.
 I guess it was all part of the jumbled mindframe id been in?

I had a brief break away at mums and it seems I was the motivation she needed to sort her entire wardrobe and move her bedroom around spring-clean-style. So thats just what we did. Exhausting stuff, I know! and we even squeezed in late night movie, but there is nothing like helping others (especially your mum) that gives you a new lease of life. I dont think ive been getting out enough to have girl time and it was starting to show in my mind set. But im all re-energised and motivated despite getting to bed after 1:30 am on both nights.
Oh and its obvious my new haircut has made a difference too.

note: weird stuff that happened this last week-

realising our phone was cut off due to the fact that they thought it was the number at our previous address

getting a whole month discount

recieving a random and unexplained cheque in the mail 

not seeing the meter and getting fined when youre only at the beach for 15 minutes
(was he hiding in a bush?)

going through my mums clothes when I have no intention of doing mine

beginning to bite my nails at 44 

having to rescue our sons work car from a place I never wished to drive to

getting lost following the Mr who got lost while being directed

turning the music up loud to pretend I wasnt where I was

getting my hair cut and loving it instantly

ps.  I may add to this if I remember anything else


A Christy Production said...

Sounds much more promising.

Kelly Ingram said...

I can picture you making that noise with each find :-) Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope to see you soon! Take care xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Cannot wait to see what you've done with your hair...a good haircut fixes all of life's ills I reckon. Jo x

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