Monday, September 26, 2011

the last four days

The last four days before market encompassed so many things* it was hard to prioritise my sewing.

Friday Adelin helped by cutting out baby slippers while I worked on the Aviators and a new design im calling Kittencaps (ill show a finished one in the next couple of days).
 It wasnt just a matter of head down bum up sewing as I would have liked. I have taken progress shots of the studio table, the dining table, even my friends table because we stayed in the city saturday night and I had to take my almost done dresses with me. I didnt have time
to post on the days these were taken as it was full production any spare moment, squeezed in around life.

Im using wools from the blanket offcuts cut on the bias so they stretch and give, then t-shirting for the linings to add softness.

Here is saturdays table at our friends place.
I sewed late into the night again! Will I ever be organised with enough stock?

 I dislike showing these evening lit shots but there is no sunlight at 1am. My finishing would have been earlier if we hadnt gone out for an amazing meal. So my predicted timing was pretty good this time around and I reckon would have gotten to bed at midnight all going smoothly.
Anyway, everyone else watched a really good movie while I plowed through the dresses, then discovered
I needed the overlocker (left at home) for a final seven seams. They got sidelined for the following market.
Well I hadnt thought that one through had I?

*A week ago our couch potato lit himself on fire during a skateboarding stunt (before you go feeling sorry for him, dont! he did it to himself plus it is a regular thing he and his mates do, so was bound to happen eventually) so weve had doctors appointments thrown into the mix.
He was lucky he was metres from the beach and only on fire for 10 seconds.


Flower said...

Loving the look of those ear flappy hets! CUTE

Kelly Ingram said...

I don't know if I ever feel like I have enough stock! I love all these 'progress' shots - looks like my craft area xx

willywagtail said...

Your goodies are too good to ever have enough of them. I think I don't want to know what your couch potato did to burn himself because I might then be in danger of telling my couch potato who would go right out and copy him. Little pyromaniacs! Hugs Cherrie
PS Hoping you get a few hours rest now.

A Christy Production said...

Flippin teenager heck.

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