Thursday, September 29, 2011

market day at mornington

This is our stall today. The story goes that this mornings set up was easy. We unpacked on a fairly empty street with other stall holders smiling saying hi and by the time id reparked the car and walked back, Zjahlii had hung the dresses all on one rack and the knits and pants and jackets on the other, clever and fast even though she had Mali and Archer with her.
All in colours and sizes pretty much too, with just a bit of tweaking left to do and the table top bounty for me.

This is the first time ive been able to do this with enough dresses in stock to make it look juicy.

The racks are seeming a tad full so we will need some more before next week to make it easier to browse, plus im finally working on some ladies wraps tomorrow, in between cuddles of all three grandbabies.

 I feel like such a lucky woman right now with all of them here under one roof for a whole week. Not to mention being able to watch the girls sew together for the first time.

I snuck some DorothyBills cards on the table as well for a bit of marketing for her cushions and quilts, plus Eleesa only works a couple of doors down from where we were today.

There will be something new for the table next week. I hope they turn out as well as whats in my head.

We were up late last night of course and Mali wouldnt go to sleep so I had her on my lap and tried not to sew over both our fingers in my tiredness. Pics taken by the Mr. Thanks honey! (someone else taking photos for a change).

Mali is going to be a sewer I just know it by the way she really
watches the processes, clocking it all up in her brain.  

We woke up to this and take my word on it, this was the tidiest room in the house hands down.

The rest of the story goes that we had a thunderstorm hit halfway through the day and had to pack the stall up and leave early. The dress I was wearing was see-though by the time I finallly got in the van after five trips in the rain to a car park 100 metres away. So that was me, the girls and the three babies! Madness but pure fun. We giggled in good humour about our predicament instead of the other aspect. It was supposed to be 28 degrees and the storm was supposed to be held at bay til evening. Argghhh!

Ill add some before and after shots that Adelin has on her iphone but for now she is tucked up in bed with poor little Violet who isnt feeling well but smiles the whole day anyway. She has such a wondrous, sunny nature.


MonetPaisley said...

Looks like so much fun! Would love to do mornington street market with my bikinis but so not profitable. Love love love that you are living the dream.... apart from thunderstorms! Adi's dresses and zjahlii's tops look great on the rack :-)

Sooooo inspiring xxx

Jennie said...

It all looks so wonderful!!
Glad you guys managed to laugh through getting drenched!XX

Frankie and Ray said...

So glad you had a nice happy time despite the dreadful weather! Your stall looked delightful.

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