Monday, March 28, 2011


size 2-3

size 3-4

size 4-5

size 4-5

size 5-6

size 3-4


Tanya said...

Gosh you've been hard at it. The designs and colours are gorgeous. Warm enough for Tasmanians too. I think I'm a little bit inspired.

MonetPaisley said...

How did you go? Was that you who left me a message that said "hi its me"??? Call you tomorrow.... Xxoo

Sarah said...

Reserve that last one for me too? Looks perfect for my little guy. Here in Hobart the kids really need coats in winter and I haven't found a way to get them to last longer than one season, size wise. But these actually look quite adaptable. I'm off to bed now but I'll make the etsy purchase tomorrow arvo if that's ok... Hope you're feeling better tomorrow :)

Tania said...

Roll on winter is all I can say! Snuggle-licious!

yaga said...

holy camoley, you made these all by yourself? I am soooo jealous! they are gorgeous and i want one in my size! ^^

Samantha said...

Hi Wendy. I'm giving you another award. Check out my blog.
Sam (My Endless To Do's)

Felicity said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, my regret is that I don't have a little girl to wrap up in one.

Perhaps you could make some for big girls too?

Felicity x

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