Friday, March 18, 2011

seven things

These are in no particular order, im just writing them as they come into my head.

1.  I sleep with two pillows. I have to have a feather down one on top as I hate unnatural things when it comes to bedding that much and would never get to sleep easily I think, otherwise. I may love feathers almost as much as I love leaves.
My favourite at this moment is the GOSARAPS from Ikea in case you want specifics. I purchased two because the bed pillows still had-to-be symmetrical, (the down sits very high), which is another quirk I suppose. The Mr will not use his as he has a favourite square cushion I made especially. he takes it everywhere. This knowledge in itself makes me feel the lesser freak.

2.  My last haircut was six inches sliced off by the Mr in my desperate attempt to feel 'lighter' before we went out somewhere important. It worked extremely well... I felt lightheaded and bouncy for days. Once my hair gets that heavy feeling theres no stopping me from cutting immediately. I guess I can say I am in love with my hairdresser.

3.  I dont go shopping by myself.  Shopping is not therapy.  I buy stuff at a fast pace while rushing on my way to do other things. Consequently im down to one lonely bra at the moment. At least its black.

4.  Im struggling to sew anything and everything lately. I have way too many designs I want to do and the seasons are changing again!

5.  Lately my teenager chooses to kiss me when were at the supermarket checkout. Im the one who is embarrassed by this display of affection. Its possible he really likes food.

6.  Half of my days are spent in pyjamas. My excuse is im a homebody. Oh. Dont get me wrong I do shower but then put on a fresh pair. With my recent sort through I thought id put them up high so I couldnt access them so easily but it didnt work cos ive been wearing the Mr's.

7.  Im truly hopeless at organising to see people.
I havent made time for my friends lately. I want to change this about myself.
Im visiting an old friend next week and hope to arrange to catch up with someone special once every couple of weeks. Im going to go out of my way to make things happen. I heard something beautiful spoken
recently and it has stuck.
'One of the most important things you can give someone is your time'.

You know, having to think of something to put down in here can be quite an eye-opening experience. Some of these I didnt even know I thought.

Today I found I got an etsy mention on the Curious Crow blog. Thanks Rachel! 

P.S  If anyone is interested in playing 'Whats on your Wall?' this week can you leave me a comment and ill do the link. Im short on time and I have trouble with the link, thats all. Cheers.


Michelle Macdonald said...


Michelle Macdonald said...


willywagtail said...

Don't worry. I spend my days in my nighties mostly too. Lucky they are non-see-through as my son lives at home. Unlucky that they are about 9 or 10 years old and need replacing. Lucky that, despite having decreased the patter when I was a size 10, they still fit me even though I am now a 16/18. Lucky that it is nearly winter and I will get to wear my granny nighties soon. Unlucky that they are a couple of years oldLucky that no one complains about me or visits me much. Very unluck for the postie when he drops off a parcel and I'm still in my nighty.........
Will have a look through my doilies. I'm sure i have some right ones.
Hugs Cherrie

zofia said...

That is me with the pillows too. Had a feather one my grandmother made years ago and sadly needed to replace it. Pretty sure mine is that Ikea model too. ;)

Pjs- love.

Kate said...

I loved reading your things so much Wendy.
You've made me smile. X

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