Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a game for everyone

I was up early about to cut out some size one eskimo patterns (nope, dont have any yet) and before I knew I had been distracted, found this post at Soulemama. It reminded me of a game we used to play when away on family holidays so I thought id share it. Its a good one for all ages and let me be completely clear, these games went late into the night. No one wants to stop!

youll need

1 or 2 families who love to laugh
a dictionary
lots of snacks so you dont have to stop

This is not the game of Dictionary as you know it.
Its a variation made up by us on a memorable camping trip.

the rules are simply

taking turns, someone chooses a word from said dictionary
everyone must write a poem* about that word in a two minute time frame
(including the 'word chooser' of course)
it doesnt matter if you dont finish your poem in time as others will finish it for you!
even the little ones who can talk will join in with rhyming words and they may even inspire you when youre stuck
this game is meant to be played fast paced


* its a good way to teach your kids about different writing styles, limericks, phrases and the like

1 comment:

zofia said...

that sounds fun.
Might try it out on our holiday in a couple of weeks. xx

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