Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It must have been the month for awards because I recieved a total of three!
Thanks very much for thinking of me, what a friendly way to give someone a boost from as far away as the Kent countryside, and Switzerland.

There was a Stylish Blogger Award from Yaga at The Shiny Bubble. I need to write seven things about myself and pass the award on. But firstly...
 If you need a nifty idea of how to fix a stain on a favourite piece check out her re-style post here.
I really like her honest, homely writing style.

I also found out I had a Versatile Blogger Award from Sam over at My Endless To Do's. Well actually, this super mum has four blogs so you can take your pick of inspiration for the home.
She's the one behind my home organising when she simply had the one, An Organised Mum.
 It seems like youre organised enough to have four now Sam. Wow!! And youve started crafting to boot.

And last but not least GillyFlower has sent me a Liebster Award which means 'beloved'! How nice is that? 
She makes the most perfect french fabric cushions and I admit I wish id seen her recent giveaway in time. Ill be keeping a closer eye on her in future.

I know I have to pass these on to others so I thought it would be simpler for me to do them all at once, hoping that suffices.

My Liebster Award has to go to Cherrie of WillyWagtail fame because through the world of blogging she has become just that to me, beloved. Although I dont tell her nearly enough.

Id like to give Stylish Blogger Awards to some people you may not have visited yet.
Not only are they my friends, theyre women who have got style happening even though they are too busy to blog most of the time. Keep an eye on them!

And my Versatile Blogger award goes to Sara from In The Light Of The Sun.
Shes brilliant, crafty, hilarious and has just given birth to her first child Wolf.
I hope this award helps you get your blog on! I miss reading you.

Now id love you to all write seven things about yourselves.
For mine ill be doing a follow up post to this one so pop back a bit later on!


TK said...

oh how sweet that you got 3 awards!!!! truly would have made your day...even your week....hope it continues to be sunshine filled, soul enrcicing filled and just totally fab!!

gillyflower said...

Congratulations on 3 awards in 1 month!!
Glad you're pleased with Liebster award - am looking foward to viewing all the blogs you are passing on your various awards to.
If anyone is interested I have another giveaway still running - a union jack cushion I made, and it just seemed like a fun idea at the time I made it to have it as a Royal Wedding giveaway!!

Kelly Ingram said...

Thank you Wendy - you are such a sweetheart. Look forward to reading your 7 things xx

Yves said...

Thanks for the award. I don't have the luxury of blogging so much atm but do take delight in doing so when I do and always enjoy seeing what all of our other lady friends are up too. X

Yves said...

Congrats! X

yaga said...

aawh, thanks so much for the kind words and I'm really curious to read your seven things now!!! ;o)

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