Friday, March 25, 2011

before the light fades

I thought id post a friday evening update before the light fails.

They will come with me wherever I go tomorrow to be hand finished.

Im feeling organised having already chosen the buttons and pinned them on to each jacket front.
Heres hoping.


gillyflower said...

Those little jackets are so sweet -particularly love that last yellow one.

Hannah said...

are they made of those lovely old blankets!? sooo cute!

willywagtail said...

i was thinking of you today at the oppy when I saw a gorgeous blanket with bright green, orange and yellow stripes. It would have been perfect for you. Love that yellow one. Cherrie

Catherine said...

orangey yellow and blue - that last jacket is gorgeous! (I do love the others too, but I see light colours and think of the cleaning...)

Sarah said...

If your market customers don't snap these all up, and you have one in a size 4 or 5 for a girl or a 3 for a boy, I'd like to buy one!

Copper Patch said...

I loved your jackets anyway but now having seen them in person...WOW! Looking forward to choosing one for my little person.
Thanks for a lovely catch up, it was great to finally meet you :o)
Ab xx

MonetPaisley said...

They are so great! I am desperate to know how you went!!!! I bet the cardies were a hit!

alicia said...

They are all beautiful! Love stopping by here.

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