Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today was all about getting to the post office, well two tradesmen later and a few very important phone calls (I had to catch up with my favourite people now my phone was working again), an etsy update and after having the Mr's amazing boeuf bourgignon for lunch.
He cooks on the weekends, didnt I tell you? Theres no way I could do so much sewing if he didnt.
 Now you know my secret.

I made some envelopes from kids books a couple of years back when I was first thinking of things for the market table
and today I sent some with packages.

Im going for the 'airline' look at the moment because it seems I still cant wrap very well.

This is the perfect postal bag given to me by my sister in law when she visited early this year.
I love this bag.
See how large it is compared to my bird bag? It never seems to get full... 
She has an etsy shop Elk and Antler, where she sells bags made from upcycled leather jackets. Pop by her little piece of etsy sometime.

a headband gift for a market customer

The disaster of the day was when I discovered three holes, not one, but three tiny holes, may as well have eaten the whole dress you silly moths, next time just fly off with it would you??? as id much rather that than finding holes in a completed dress ready to ship you bad bad mothy yucks! I hate moths! they freak me out. They never know where they are trying to get to. At least bats have the sense to go around you even in the dark. No, think about it.

 Now, here's a not so well known fact.

Apparently the average human will swallow eight spiders in their sleep throughout his or her lifetime. Well id rather be asleep swallowing a spider than awake and having the horror of choking on a moth. Oh yeah, that brings me to my other fear. Choking. Save that for later...

The dining room has looked like this all day and its not really bothering me too much. 
Lucky were having salads for dinner and wont need the table. 
The Mr has been going to the gym, bike riding after work too and were on a bit of a health kick right now. When I say we, I mean him.

I did a shop update with the upcycled cardies but youll need to pop to the shop to see them, sorry.


willywagtail said...

Have been reading the Libra strps? too funny altough I do end you condolences. Must chck up on Job. Gotta fly. Cherrie

The Moerks said...

You have been busy. But, I am a bit disturbed by the bats. Spiders yuck, moths ok but bats really freak me out.

Kate said...

I love the look of that last photo.
The white and the colours and the sewing stuff...love it.

Leonie said...

I'm with kate, that last shot should be in a brochure!

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