Saturday, May 1, 2010

fix it friday

Im joining in the action over at MayaMade with Fix It Friday. I found it a couple of weeks ago but right on the day that this happened.....

To my horror, the other day I was happily going about my day when this unearthly boom followed by a groaning noise came from the laundry. I raced into the room to find it was my dryer. I quickly switched it off at the wall. My heart sank as I knew the chaos that would follow without a working dryer. I do roughly three to four loads per day and the rains were threatening to come all week. My washing pile grew and im still sitting here staring at the remnants of todays, and to be honest yesterdays lot too, without the energy/willingness to bother folding even one thing. I left the broken dryer there for two whole weeks before I summoned the nerve to take the back off to see what the damage was.
But the good news is that we were able to fix it. I must have gotten to it in time to do no damage to the inside workings. There was just a screw loose and the inner barrel had simply dropped from its axis. My son even helped me fix it as it was a two person job. Part of me is joyous still to know that some things can be fixed in this all-too-quick-to-throw-away-society.

I plan to get out the tool box next week too. Do you have something you need to fix or maybe just have mending to do? Pop on over to see what everyones been tackling. Can you hear the buzz from here?


willywagtail said...

I have a stack of mending to do and a few rather lop sided kitchen cupboards to fix. Probably ought to do that before they fall on our head. I've heard that it is also important to get all fluff out from the inside of the dryer channel so that it doesn't ever catch on fire. We had an incident a bout a year ago where we could smell smoke so my youngest got up and squeezed the duster in and ouround the back of the dryer and that fixed it for then. I also run my duster as far up the dust tube as it will go and it is surprising how much is in there. Cherrie

Michelle Macdonald said...

Darn it my whole house needs fixing. anyways pop on over to and check out a coupla little photos of You.

collectingfeathers said...

Rrr, we live in a mudbrick house, I have just started the slow mud-up of the internl walls maintenance. Currently doing the toilet & bathroom. Your dryer incident sounds horrendous! I would have had a coronary.

Sara said...

i think you are AMAZING! bushman mechanics my dad calls it. I absolutely hate how white goods and electronic stuff breaks so quickly these days. (yes I know, I'm not old enough to say things like these days, but when you grew up with the same washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer and computer all your life and they were never replaced, then grow up and buy your own for them to all cark it at once just out of warranty...well, it smarts a bit.)

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