Friday, May 21, 2010

self portrait stencil tutorial

Ive just found something to play around with over the weekend here. Its at A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk's blog. Enjoy!

P.S It looks like ill have to do a redraw for my Giveaway as there's still no sign of Jane. Ill choose a new winner over the weekend and announce the who on Monday!
If Jane sees that she was the winner down the track ill just make her a pin-cushion anyway!

Have a great weekend with the ones you love, x


The Moerks said...

Hi, if you pop over to my blog there is an award waiting for you to collect. It came to me via McCarthy Designs if you want to have a read over "the rules". Hope you don't mind.
The self portrait sounds very interesting. I don't think mine would look as calm and serene as yours does.

the textured leaf said...

Oh. Thanks so much for the award!
This isnt my portrait. I havent done one yet. I hope to play around with this technique soon though for some stuff for my walls.

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