Thursday, May 6, 2010

my creative space

When I got to Eleesas she was already baking up a storm
in her really cute country kitchen. Although this day is meant to be about sewing not cooking.
If youre not familiar with the gorgeous Eleesa from DorothyBills shes one creative lady who makes lovely retro inspired cushions, bags and quilts. Although both she and I are not that great at keeping the stock in our Etsy shops at a healthy level.  

I prefer sewing days out than at home alone. Everyone always seems to get just that bit more done when they have company. I took a whole stash of textured fabrics to cut up for some boys vests. I kind of want them to have a steam-engine driver vibe but ill just have to see if I can capture that.

We ate a few too many Anzac biscuits and way too many cups of tea (and toilet stops, by me).
For more Anzac biscuit overindulgence pop in to Sara's.

While I deliberated and fretted over sizings, designs and colour combos and pretty much took all day to cut six vests out (so much for getting lots done), Eleesa started a quilt that was so deliciously autumnal in its colourway. She had pre-cut and stacked it into ultra organised labelled piles (this brought on much nervous laughter: me) quite some time ago she tells me.
When I quilt I seem to fling fabric from one end of the house to the other!
How many months has it been waiting, Eleesa? Seems like today was the day!
I think she got halfway through before empty bobbin syndrome got to her.
 And well...I havent even begun to sew these yet.

Theres always tomorrow.....

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Sally said...

Oh what fun... and how lovely for you both!

Kylie said...

Your so lucky to have a crafting buddy I think it stirs the creative pot when you can share. Oh, and I adore that wonderful tea cup and plate.
Vests are great too!

dorothybills said...

A great day was had indeed! Thanks for taking nice pics of me xx

the textured leaf said...

its pretty easy to take good photos of you, Eleesa! You photogenic woman you, x

melissa said...

Hi thanks for your lovely comments on my quilts, Ive spied some of your work which is pretty special, have you done any more of your granddaughters quilt? Cant wait to see that finished.... Looks like you had fun even if you didnt get done what you had planned. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Steph said...

What a lovely day!! I'm like you...I faf about all day with sizing and the like and hardly get anything done!! Hope all is well in your world :)

Sara said...

oh this makes me very happy indeed. i love these days! i had a similar one in fact - alex and i crocheted in the park. not a great deal got done but the company was lovely, and it feels good to get out of the house and be creative elsewhere!
oh and how BADLY do i need more anzac biscuits now?!! i especially want one of those lovely raw ones. i reckon when i make them i eat half the mixture before it gets to the oven. mmmmmmmmm
The vests look adorable! c'est magnifique! and autumnal colours are so lovely, can't wait to see Eleesa's finished quilt too.

zofia said...

What a wonderful day you both had.
Re. vests- Oh, but at least they are cut out. You should see me dilly dally!
I Love them! (What size is the green one? ;))

Tracey said...

sounds like fun. I have never had a crafty day with other crafters, may have to rectify that!

Kate said...

It all looks delicious! The bikkies, the quilt, the vests and the lovely crafty friendship.

the textured leaf said...

Tracey, you definitely must find someone and make a craft date soon!

Zofia, the green one is a size two and the fabric is such a wonderful tweeded check.

And Melissa, well, youre the second one to ask me about the quilt today! What does this mean?
Must finish it soon!

Thanks for all the motivation and lovely thoughts.

erika said...

Sounds like such a lovely day, I would love to have a sewing date especially one who bake such jummie cookies.....

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

That sounds like a great day...wish I had a sewing pal. Love the vests!

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