Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a wedding


A gift from her father

Riley, her man

Their gift to us, Mali



 Mum Elisha (aka MonetPaisley)

Her men Clint and Hurley

Eddie and Alyce

My blanket (theirs now)



Me (getting ready)
Troy and Tegan

getting ready for a cake fight

 still looks gorgeous after shes had cake shoved in her face


Sara said...

love these photos! how stunning is zjahlii's brooch? so in love with that brooch. Looked perfect on her too! And lil mali's silver shoes. Thanks for the nice details there Wendy, i love to see all the little details. looks like it was a lovely wedding. xx

Tracey said...

I hope it was as lovely a day as it looks, you have a beautiful family xx

The Moerks said...

What a lovely day and lovely wedding. Lots of happy loving smiles.

willywagtail said...

Thanks for sharing these. My oldest daughter, Kara, used to board at Suzanna's when Tegan was there. She just missed the wedding shower because she moved up here so it was nice to see the look of delight on her face when she recognised the bride. Is Mali your daughter or Zjahlii's? The bride and groom look very good together. Cherrie

the textured leaf said...

Mali is my grand-daughter, you must have missed that gushing post! I didnt know Tegan knew/stayed at Zazu's (Suzannas nickname from my kids). Apparently it was a 'High Tea' themed shower. What a lovely idea, dont you think? Sorry for not posting any normal shots but they are all on Brens iphone til a later date. This is only about half the family that we now have!

melissa said...

gosh you have a beautiful family!

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