Monday, May 24, 2010

winner announced and a thankyou

After much deliberating on my part and waiting for Jane to somehow realise she was the first winner, I have picked another from the ladies that commented on my Pin-Cushion Giveaway. But first I want to say 'Jane', if you find this in the future please dont hesitate to let me know youve seen it finally. Ill make you one as well and pop it in the post on its way to you.
Again, thanks to everyone who let me know how much they loved my creation. It was a huge creative injection for me to see all the lovely comments!

So.... the winner is Gail @ Glady and Flo!!!!!!
Ill be sending you messages wherever I can find contact details for you just in case you dont see this, either.

The next thing I really want to say is a huge Thank You to Elsie Marley for hosting Kids Clothes Week.
It really got my sewjo (sewing mojo) back from wherever it went and heres how my rack looks now!

And this doesnt even show the many pairs of pants because im being fussy how I want to hang them and have yet to glue some wooden pegs to hangers. I think I have 11 pairs made so far.

Here are the diverse trimmings that I put on the girls tunics.

I like the new additions with the older things and now im closer to having a more complete and well-rounded look for my shop offerings. Ive been busy shortening and stamping some coathangers for use at the markets. (Did I mention that I used to buy coathangers like they were going out of fashion almost everyweek during grocery shops because the downfall of being able to sew is that all your kids know you can whip them up clothes to their hearts content plus they inherit your love of fabrics?) 
So, I have a lot of the plain wooden ones. Well, a while ago I ordered a free stamp through Vistaprint (you look for the specials and sometimes only need to pay for postage).
I didnt end up liking this stamp for paper goods as they only had a limited choice of fonts for free and it was my first purchase from them. But on the wood of the coathangers it was perfect.

Im off to catch up on some housework so that I can perhaps enjoy a full day of sewing tomorrow.
Heres hoping!


Kate said...

Congratulations Gail and yay for you Wendy and the return of your sewjo. You know I think you are the cleverest and most wonderful kids' clothes maker in the whole world. X

The Moerks said...

Congrats Gail. Boy, you have been very busy with your sewing. I love the idea of the stamped coat hangers, very professional.

the textured leaf said...

Thanks lovelies, x
Kate, im almost blushing!
You wont believe it but Gail of Glady and Flo has no details either! Ive even searched through some blogs to see if she frequents them, Ill just have to wait it seems. Oh well im definitely getting the hang of the draw and all!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I hope you're busy sewing today! is tomorrow for you. So I hope you had a fun day of sewing yesterday! :D Love the hanger idea!

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