Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids clothes week - day three

Im having a fun but busy week being a part of the Kids Clothes Challenge over at Elsie Marley.
I got off to a unusual start (my husband chose now to enlist my help in making a patchwork quilt) but have found that some others have kind of done the same thing. I think we mostly all started preparing earlier in our own ways and I have come across a few people doing the same as me. Once you know youre in for a challenge your mind is constantly working towards that goal.
I started cutting things out last week while I was with Eleesa from DorothyBills. Over the next few days I couldnt wait to start them so I got stuck in. Id been wondering when my sewing mojo (sewjo) was gonna show up.

Ive finished another two vests, well almost. They just need topstitching.

And am cutting out some more girls tunics tonight.

How about you?


Tanya said...

YOu are going great guns. I am busy not sewing but work stuff is occupying my time this week, bummer!

zofia said...

Yay, looking absolutely gorgeous!

Sally said...

Fabulous. Wow - you're making so many gorgeous pieces this week. Wonderfully ace.

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