Friday, April 30, 2010

its finished!

My husband is an artist and he started this deer painting loosely based on the old well known 'A Highland Stag' for our daughters wedding gift. I suppose its that time old adage of 'a builders house is never finished' etc. dont quite remember how it goes.

Well. Its finished!
 He finally finished the long overdue painting on the weekend. She came down and demanded it. She and hubby have celebrated their second anniversary and had a baby since he started this.

My favourite part. I dont know how well you know me yet but I simply love trees and plants and leafy things, hence my blog name. Love is an understatement. Obsession fits.

His favourite part. Remind you of someone?


A certain dog by the name of Rustico? He loves that dog.


zofia said...

Oh, it's such a beautiful painting. Your daughter must be very pleased to have it at last. Worth the wait I say.

Michelle Macdonald said...

oh yeah I can see the dog! LOL. But seriously the stag painting is really stunning... can I get a belated wedding gift too? Alistair loves horses. I like paintings of wine bottles.

Tracey said...

That is such a special gift! I love the dog element...

Sara said...

did you ever watch the goodies? there was an hilarious episode about art once where they had to run the british museum because it was in debt because noone ever went or some silly reason, anyway, it was a wonderful pastiche of modern art merriment and I swear they ended up saving the museum from debt by painting loads of this very highland stag painting and selling them to some rich Americans!
But this is far more impressive. I think i like your favourite bit the best too, if you don't mind sharing? but the rustico cameo is awesome too!
where will they hang it?

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