Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Ive been meaning to make myself some dresses for a very long time so... today is the day.
This green dress is the one I reach for alot. In summer its great by itself, or over jeans and with a jacket and scarf in colder weather. I made it for our overseas trip to Europe last year to wear to an Irish wedding but it doesnt necessarily mean its a dressy dress. So im making some more just like it.

This one is on its way it just needs hemming perhaps in a black lace to make it less colourful.

I spliced a mexican doiley in half for the back detail because to me, the dress looked overtly mexicano anyway  with all the gaudy yellow and big roses.

This has nice embroidery at the top, just a couple of napkins.


and this one is still in pieces.

Take yourself over to Kootoyoo to see what everyone else is up to.


Kirsty said...

They look fabulous. I really like the use of the old tablecloths.

Tracey said...

oh wow, what a fabulous use of vintage fabrics

Sara said...

These are amazing! I'm in love with the yellow one especially. I love mexican stuff. I'd pretend I was Frida Kahlo, without the constant pain and cheating husband turmoil...just stunning and arty and colourful and creative. Hmm now who else do those last four words remind me of?!! xx

Knicky Knacks said...

Just love the colours - very clever. The dress to me says I'm fancy free and happy to run bare foot in tall grass! Just gorgeous!

dorothybills said...

love them all! I had that Pink tablecloth also!

Mmm coveting the yellow one, very nice!

Gina said...

Lots of loveliness here... great linens.

Amanda said...

Those are just stunning...Love the yellow too.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Wow they are amazing and what a great idea to use napkins for the bust part! Love it!

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