Tuesday, April 6, 2010

last week I....

This happens to be my girlfriend, Natalies favourite dress. It looks stunning on her.
Its not a flash label or anything, she got it from her local op-shop. But its still her favourite.

So I took it home with me to make a pattern from it and down the track Ill do a couple of dresses to send her way.

My son took over my sewing room one night.

Its an odd thing to come home and hear your sewing machine whirring away from another room.

I loved how he was wearing one while making another

And the funny size testing he was doing made me laugh.

I sat outside on a lovely day and

sorted  out our boxes of screws

and odd bits of leftovers from when we renovated the country house.
I kind of save things for rainy days.

 I finished Malis quilt top finally, you know, the one from the quilt-along. Just the top mind you.
Ive been a bit sidetracked.

here are my favourite bits

it was a pretty good week.

What did you do with your week? Even if it was just a few weird and wonderful things?
Id love to hear from you.


beck said...

Oh my god this is just the sort of quilt I am trying (!) to make. How funny, it looks so similar, except you've made so much more. Do you have any tips? Mine is a bit wonky and not too straight but I think it's ok anyway. Loving the son at work, heavy concentration! My week is getting better every day...it's turning out to be pretty bloody ace actually. Hope yours is too xo

Sara said...

can your favourite bits of the quilt be my favourite bits too?! she's a lucky baby that Mali!
I so would have loved to have sorted out those screws with you. I love doing stuff like that. love it.
I started a granny square rug, my first ever. I've made 14 sqaures! lets hope it'll be ready for next winter!
I missed you xx

the textured leaf said...

aww shucks to both of you!

beck, mines quite wonky too but thats how i like my quilts. one edge is ending up with a long triangle on it. i would never finish any quilts if i had to stop and measure and cut all the time, i understand it would turn out better and straighter but a lot less, well,'me'.
dont quite know what tips to give you as i dont know how much you know about quilt making.
is there anything you want to ask about?
how big is yours? im off to look at your blog to se if youve posted any bits of what youve done.
Sara you crack me up! expect an email, x

Kate said...

The quilt top lokks AMAZING!!!!
As for letting your boy take over the sewing space, I think I'm a bit too much of a control freak but I do love that you left hime to it. X

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