Thursday, April 8, 2010

my creative space

Ive done a few things as far as sewing this week so am very happy. Malis quilt top, some mending, etc.
I did an update for my etsy shop as ive had a few people wanting some pants for boys.

Here are the ones I did yesterday and beyond into the evening (sorry about the blurred last image)

and some of them are still going

Ive used some up-cycled pieces of blankets for the cuffs and off cuts from taking up pants for my household.

And if your interested these are the fabrics I found for winter pants. I just couldnt resist some more green.

Hopefully thats not the end of my creative space for this week because we have had two new babies born in our extended family recently and Im hoping to do a couple of quilts before we see them on the weekend so wish me luck. What can I say, but that I love a deadline!


Sara said...

Love the spotty/stripey pocket detail. adorable.
And I'm sorry did you say a couple of quilts by the weekend? It's thursday!!
take it easy lady, you know they can wait a wee bit longer! xx

the textured leaf said...

Thats not very encouraging! Dont you think im up for it? Ill show you! haha
(they are only small quilts)
P.S well, they might be, x

beck said...

Nice dacks! Sounds like a satisfying week, lots of things finished and more on the go. Hope you find some time for relaxing too xo

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

You’re going to be busy if you are to get two quilts done. But from the amount of sewing you have done already this week it looks like you can handle it! Love those pocket details.

the textured leaf said...

Well, technically I have until saturday afternoon before we leave for the relies.
I should be sewing now!

Gina said...

Happy days... someone who makes pants for boys. I love your description of raising three future husbands - what a great perspective. I feel like at the moment I'm raising two future sociopaths. Time will tell.

Kirsty said...

They are very sweet.

I'm confident you'll get the quilts done.


Am loving these britches! Especially since it's so hard to find boys clothes that aren't naff and too cutsie...

the textured leaf said...

Thats very encouraging, Checks And Spots. I do have three boys so know how it is

Alfalky said...

Love all the pocket details! Especially the spotty stripey ikat.

Sally said...

Loving the fabrics you've collected for winter pants. I've been looking for some checked prints for my son but haven't found anything nearly as nice as what you've got there... might have to extend my search.
Good luck with the quilts.

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