Wednesday, April 14, 2010

one pin-cushion

Ive finally finished my pin-cushion for Kates pin-cushion swap.
 Tonight hopefully ill move on to dream of other things.

I intended it to be quite large, hopefully never to be lost underneath a pile of fabric.

After recieving mine in the post at the speed of light I got a wee bit insecure
about all sorts of silly things. Fabric choice, size, shape, style, even my hand-stitching at the end.

But now that ive made it and see that it wasnt so hard after all I feel like doing another one!
 Did this happen to you?
I truly hope its recipient loves it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.


Kate said...

Oh Wendy, its gorgeous! Beautiful, wonderful, lovely...what a lucky swap partner you have. X

Knicky Knacks said...

Love your pin cushions. Laughed my head off when I read your comment to Kate at Fox Lane about being grumpy. Thought to myself, have to 'follow' this woman for her wit. Look forward to receiving updates on your blogging journey.

the textured leaf said...

Hey Knicky Knacks, if you really want entertainment then you must go 'meet' Sara@inthelightofthesun. Shes the box ticker for me!

Sara said...

Wendy, it's completely darling and sweet and lovely. I'd have it out on display at all times, whether sewing or not! I hear you on the insecurity point though, honestly I know it's just a pin cushion but it feels so stressful! Did you see the amazing letter pin cushion Kate got? Some people are just too creative...I've crocheted one. It's not very elegant like yours. oh well. times up eh? gotta send it!
P.S Knicky Knacks I'm pretty sure Wendy is the only one laughing at my silly jokes and sense of humour!!! But I sure do love her for it. Wendy is indeed one witty lady and talented to boot.

Gina said...

Have no doubts. I am in PINCUSHION HEAVEN!!!! I absolutely love and adore this pincushion, it's perfect, from the embroidered doily and matching fabrics to the shape. It is pleasingly chunky and so I will not lose sight of it, nor will I be forever sticking pins through it and into my hand like I have been doing with my current crappy self-made pincushion. It is functional AND beautiful, which is perfect for me because I live in a flat and all my sewing stuff is regularly on display (so it's handy if it doubles as artwork!)

Thanks Wendy. Funnily enough I started following you about a week ago, unrelated to pincushions, and I managed to miss this post, but I was very excited when I saw your name on the back of my package today because I knew I would be in for something stunning.

m.e (Cathie) said...

so very delicate & beautiful, lucky girl Gina!

the textured leaf said...

Wow! Praise indeed! Thank you so much for writing to me Gina. Im soooo relieved.
Its funny someone I know said that it would look great just lying around and that made me feel better. Now youve said just that too!

Sally said...

It reminds me of delftware which I love and adore very much. The colours. The textures. The shine. I AM IN LOVE!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

beautiful work - i love how you have combined different fabrics/textures.

Tanya said...

It's a great pincushion xx

Stephanie and Carlos said...

It's so elegant!! And round... The one I made my swap partner was round too...hmmm is it thinking outside the square thing?! And yep my daughter and I have made 4 pin cushions since hehe

xo Steph

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