Friday, April 16, 2010

seasonal happenings

I love the change of seasons. Change is good . I get a kick out of updating my homefurnishings seasonally.
It makes me feel like cleaning even when its not Spring.
Time to update my lounge cushions ready for Winter.
 I didnt make it in time to do something for Autumn.
 I havent even put up my curtains since the move yet. Hello neighbours *waves
yes.. im on the computer again *shouts

 This is how our lounge looks now. 
I have pretty much always felt the need to do things by the season, but it wasnt until I recieved this book

from a close friend a few years ago that I truly indulged my senses by way of over the top colour infusion and tying it all in with the outside landscape that is everchanging.
I wont make all completely new ones because that would be wasteful but ill use
 some of the ones I have stored away from last year
 and then make a couple of fresh ones to inject new style.
 The ones you see here are different ages. One is 8 years old and one 5, the two matching are only 1 and the pale quilted one is the one I blogged about here.

Meanwhile the house has been tweeked and trimmed into shape with a few choice artworks and well placed ornaments. Nothing too fancy, just some regular op-shop finds.

Whats that?
You want a close up of that amazing green artwork down the hall?

It was a gift from our lovely and arty ex-neighbours!
how nice is that?
This vase was only $3.50 from BigW of all places! I only mention the price and place so you make sure to scan the less obvious shops. This is one of my favourite pieces Ive ever had the pleasure of owning, you see.
But I added the glass stopper that I got from Camberwell Market for $4.00.
It holds our beach finds.

Ive managed to keep it scandanavianly minimalistic in the dining room. Oh, I dont think I mentioned that when we moved in my husband made me promise to give him the sole decorating rights to one room of the house. I gave him the lounge.....
I knew hed still need some cushions...... designed and made by me....
so I didnt really, truly, in reality, just hand him over the room.
come not that easily swayed.

Are you a seasonal woman?


Michelle Macdonald said...

I tell you what, I come over soon and we do skipping, running or weights for a while and then some sewing...and tell me what to do with my boring house currently being reconstructed!!!! We have some nice colonial french doors (white) that I want to use in the Book me in on a Thursday.. I get every thursday off cos I work 4 days a week (YEY) so which thursday is good for you? Send me an email, book me in Daddo!!!

Michelle Macdonald said...

PS Your style it is that I love. Very cool blog you have (do I sound like yoda?)

the textured leaf said...

Okay! Not next Thursday, sorry. Sol has major performances. Very busy and my mum is moving and im reno-ing her house.
Yes to Yoda, im a huge fan.
How about the following Thursday and ill keep you posted?
P.S I dont have a style...not really. its in my head. hah!
be Yoda for me any time, honey.

Sara said...

I love the idea of seasonally decorating but I can't really imagine having the time (and money) to do so...but maybe it's something I can aim for? Having a clean and tidy house is also on my 'aim for' list...
Meanwhile - what beautiful shots of your home. I can see myself comfortably receiving tea and cuddles on the couch there whilst flipping through Seasonal Home and a tasty meal in that very chic dining room (all that chatting can make one very hungry.)
I think I need to start a beach finds vase too. I always collect the shells and then don't know what to do with them that doesn't scream "ooh she's trying for a bathroom nautical theme".

the textured leaf said...

(Im wondering if I should just put everything in brackets now) (or not) (and make anyone who's reading this, wait in suspense), but Im not that cruel.... there is NO WAY that ill be 'trying for the latest nautical theme', I mean, thats so my mother at 73 that its not one bit funny, (I love you mum, you are my guru and you know it).
Sara, I feel sorry for the misguided you that thinks I can string a meal together without the help of my husband. Hes wonderful in the kitchen. But ill be the one giving you cuddles, x

Sara said...

oh no I didn't mean to imply I thought you were aiming for a beachy nautical theme at all, oh no, no, no, no. I was simply admiring your ability to display beachiness in a non tacky way. (no offense to those who love nautical themes...)
Well tell your wonderful husband I promise to at least do the dishes, okay? :-) and hooray for cuddles!!

Tracey said...

oh, your blog is lovely, I adore your decorating style, thought I would follow along too!

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