Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the winner is...

Ive raced home....
Ive quickly used Malis boot for the big draw which was the nearest thing to me that would make it even stevens. All that pink fur came in handy.

Everyones name but Gina (she graciously declined another pin-cushion) was in that tiny little piece of bad Barbie footwear extravaganza.

I know im a whole, entire, day late ladies with announcing the winner.
Im truly sorry but it couldnt have been helped. I got stuck in the country last night with a last minute hiccup with the renovations at mums. Things went a little bit sideways out there in the last few days and I needed to do a quick trip back to keep things on track. In my hurry I left the computer home! OOPS.

(To be explained to those who like 'talking houses' in a later post with pictures and all.)

Without further ado the winner is Jane from the land of Blogger but she has not yet begun her journey. ie no blog.Hope that doesnt sound silly but Im a bit lost for what to say or do, you see. I hope you pop back in here, Jane, to see that youve WON as there are no contact details for you on your profile page as yet. Plus, I need an address to send your pin-cushion to.

Meanwhile....Does anyone know who Jane is?


willywagtail said...

Sorry. Can't help with Jane. Sounds like a full on weekend. Cherrie

Gina said...

Sorry, no help on the Jane front. OR on interpreting the comment just above mine... what the...? Anyway, I reckon do a blog post titled 'are you Jane?' and state that you'll redraw by X time if there is no contact made :)

the textured leaf said...

Great idea, Gina! Ill get straight on it.
And yeh, 'what the' is right.
Perhaps she thought I was dissing Barbie?

Sara said...

at first i thought IDellaD_Bar3321 was giving helpful knitting instructions but they lost me after the second word.
I'm with Gina. Speak now Jane or forever hold your peace!

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