Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the green grass of home

Weve just received the news that the landlord has his permits through so will be going ahead and demolishing this house. We found out right this minute. 

Im surprised to find I feel excited instead of devastated that we face yet another move. It was the risk we took when we signed the short lease and as soon as I finish writing this ill be looking at real estate dot com to get my head around the task, probably beginning a shortlist to show the Mr when he gets home tonight.

We have five contingency plans in place, three of which involve a caravan. The other two are even more radical.  
we will choose the sixth unspoken about plan where we do the normal and simply rent another house. We didnt even discuss it until this week. Life has been so up in the air. As if it would be the hardest choice of all to let ourselves be settled. 

There have been wonderful moments in this garden where ive mooched around unearthing and repotting the masses of terracotta pots left behind by the lady who once lived here. There must have been close to sixty. Her array of forgotten plants were just my taste so I have acquired a healthy bunch of, now thriving, cuttings to take with me. We heard from the back neighbour she had forty year old turtles roaming freely here. No wonder this place has an aura of untouched timelessness. I felt like I could play here like a child does.

Plants ive had for some time are recovering too.

I may yet get to see the first blossoms spring will bring but for now am happy to get to live here a little bit longer and prepare as much as anyone can for the unknown. 

Meanwhile ill sit at the freshly cleared dining table and sew the one final eskimo remaining for market tomorrow. 

Im liking magenta pink with chocolate and cocoa linings lately.

p.s   This isnt the only big news today. We heard that the potato has his first job trial in a Chapel Street cafe tomorrow night and I decided to scoot off to a local university and sign up for a horticulture course that ive been longing to do for way too long. Today was the day!


BOB & MABEL said...

So much going on in your household and you take it all in your stride. Yippee for change!

jennie said...

Wow Wendy - so much change. Not always a bad thing is it? I hope you get enough notice to plan and do which of those options you want. Hugs to you.XXJ

Copper Patch said...

That is a big day!Excited about your move, your course and really, really excited about the teenage mutant ninja turtles in your back yard - how cool!!!
Big day for me too...go look ;o)
Ab x

petticoat by essie said...

love your dog! woof woof! x

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