Friday, July 13, 2012

winter holiday

The Mr surprised me by sending me away on a holiday to stay with a girlfriend last week.
We had both been trying to get up to Sydney for a few months but it just wasnt meant to be, life being busy and work commitments etc. 
Since I will begin a course in horticulture this coming monday it was the last chance to get away before it starts.

Wasnt my holiday room gorgeous?!

Esther has a fantastic eye for all things vintage, way back she and I spent a fair amount of time opshopping together 20 years ago. I should have been ready, as I was barely off the plane and we had already stopped at our first opshop where she bought a painting (below) and I found myself a great red bag (pictured above) that I began using right away. I love when something becomes instantly yours, in the way that you wondered how youve done without it all this time?

She and her family live on an island so we spent a fair amount of time on boats and I got a bit weathered and wind burnt. One afternoon was spent canoeing and we got back just before dark fell. 


 I got to visit markets as a spectator for a change, (its been a while) and I was totally spoilt with cuddles from her four kids and as much apple crumble as I could fit.

Next time I wont be leaving my man behind. I felt guilty enjoying the moonlight on the water without him.


mel @ loved handmade said...

What a treat! I enjoyed seeing snippets of your week on IG. That room really is gorgeous. Hooray for you and your horticulture course, that's exciting! X

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Lovely to have a get away! Horticulture course!!! Wow - how fun - something I would love to do. Can't wait to hear about it. Was thinking of you last night and hoping all is well with home hunting too. xx Rach

Lea said...

Oh I agree the room is so lovely. Especially those bold floors and all the sunlight pouring in. Looks like you had a wonderful break away Wendy.

jennie said...

What a great break for you!!
I'm loving the floor in your room.XX

Frankie and Ray said...

Lucky girl! Nothing better than an unexpected break when the weather's been bleak, and life's been hectic. I'd love one of your blanket coats too... Jo xx

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