Friday, June 8, 2012


today I woke not knowing which market I would book for tomorrow
we went to the gym together for the first time in a while and I felt amazing immediately and have been bouncy all day

I altered a pair of chinos for the potato who said great things about them when he tried them on
today I told my mum that I didnt like the house she had been looking at buying and luckily she had decided against it too
I went opshopping in my gym gear for the first and only time
today I planned to run with the dog but it was raining so I couldnt 
for dinner im ordering pizza from his favourite new place two blocks away
im taking the night off to watch a girly movie of my own choice with no interruptions

tonight im not going to think about sewing

or custom orders or posting

or correct dimension pocket sizes 

but tomorrow will be a whole. new. another. day
I may be able to sneak in to a last minute local market while the Mr goes on a bike ride
I could easily be inspired to design something new for my wardrobe
or I might just begin knitting that scarf ive been dreaming about 
the potato wants to learn to knit.... he told me today

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