Friday, June 15, 2012

clean scene

This was the scene at my place wednesday. If adults can wag then I guess I kind of wagged market and stayed home to clean house instead. This kind of bulk cleaning (where you put everything thats in a room on the higher surfaces and clean from the floor up) gives me new energy that I didnt know I had.

Do you clean this way? Im talking monthly, not just in spring?

I owe this fresh state of mind to the fact that we finally purchased a new vacuum cleaner. I was biding my time saving for a middle of the range super suctionater but then I got desperate, and what do you know, I am happily content with the little sucker.  Its a bagless too, which is lucky cos when we got home the Mr plugged it in and started vacuuming up all my fabric scraps and it wasnt til hed been going for half the house that I thought to check. Eeek.

Ive also found lots of teatowels this week at opshops, which spurred me on to then buy tablecloths to cut up into, you guessed it, even more teatowels. 

Supply was running low, (down to about four) because I throw them out if they get burnt holes in them. I just cant bear it being a fabric lover. Ive told you the Mr is the main cook here havent I? By the way I know how to spell havn't but I prefer 'havent'.

Theres even a new addition to the bedroom to keep my A Little Vintage cushion company.
There were two at the opshop so the twin was destined to be a gift for a friend.

Happy Friday to you wherever you are....
Im off for a night out with the girls. 


Maxabella said...

I always clean top to bottom. But all the stuff goes up high when I get to those floors. x

Frankie and Ray said...

Ha, I love a good vacuum. I am known in this house as the floor nazi. Very satisfying! Have fun tonight, Wendy!

MonetPaisley said...

I always thought it was haven't.... Other wise wouldn't it be hav'n't????? Hahahaha I bet your right just like last night and the celeriac :-)

the textured leaf said...

Maxabella, I had to read your comment twice to read it true-ly, funny lady that you are.

Jo, I only wish I could fool them into being afraid of me like they used to be.

Monet, my sentiments exactly and the reason why I have issues on the first place. I never invite an argument unless I know im right beforehand.

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