Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Its an odd thing to be so long absent from this space but the fact is ive been having trouble finding the impetus to pen my thoughts like I used to. Oh ive stopped by here once or twice only to have nothing to say even when life was at its busiest. Things were on the other side of flow. I knew I needed slow.

I became aware a few weeks ago that I needed life to pace itself better leading into winter or things would stay accelerated. However I had no intention of coming to a full stop with my blog though and im apologising if youve been looking*, wondering where I was at. 

Weeks back, when we got back from holidays to the new house I struggled because I had no routine and I felt quite daunted with the everyday. But the good news is im back to basics these days, washing dishes as soon as I wake in this sunniest of kitchens, planning the day instead of waiting for it to come crashing in around me.

I so wasnt ready to get back into markets and all I could do was to try to keep up with custom orders that were flooding in. Props and cases sat on the front porch waiting. To be either put in the shed, (hopefully not) the van ( hopefully yes) as soon as I booked a market or two, (which of course I did) . 

 The everyday eventually slowed down as I tried to put out new designs while gathering some renewed energy.
And it worked a treat. Ive been back at markets for the last month, some friends have even been visiting me while im at Mornington Main st for the day. I think I had a record number last week with around fifteen people come past, and beautiful souls who came early and helped me set up. Talk about making a girl feel loved.

Things are definitely settled to how I like them and I even grabbed a roadside find the other day which spurred me on to spend the whole day in the garden, placing my new found outdoor table where it gets the morning sun, repotting and planting seedlings that are coming up plus a general spruce up. I was the happiest, chirpiest of people that night when I fell into bed. 

This is a mere snippet of life right this moment.I have other news that ive been dying to share but that will wait until I have the right words. When things get to a good steady flow once again. 

Catch ya!

*Hi Lyn, I know youre there, x


Teresa said...

Yay! you're back...I'm so happy. I have really missed your writings. Glad to hear you've got your rhythm/groove back and had some slow down time - we all need that at some point...sometimes more than once =O) Maybe I'll even see you a market or two soon. If you are still interested in Grassroots, you'll have to hurry they only had a couple of spots left for November.

Can't wait to see your new designs and more of your makings.

And await to hear your exciting news...balloons and streamers at the ready.

jennie said...

I'm so glad you've slowed down a bit. I don't know how you were getting done, what you were getting done!! Loving these photos of your days.xx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

glad all is well, nothing like a day in the garden to brighten the soul! Looking forward to your news xx Rach

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