Wednesday, June 6, 2012

announcing the reindeer coat

Announcing the new Reindeer coat. 
This is one bit of the news I mentioned earlier. I have been working on some new designs and these have been hitting the shop recently. I know I should have mentioned them earlier by way of here but I was in the middle of a thought process and enjoying the make so much that I simply didnt feel chatty. I did however find the, ahem, time to place them on Facebook, which for the record I loathe but still abuse it. So easy to shove a photo on there and leave.

Ive also been doing different versions of coats to mix things up a bit and use every last piece of favourtie wools, pricewise too, as these take slightly less time to do than the Eskimos. Very. very. Yay.

Im still at the machine tonight, the Mr has just walked in and its nearly midnight, poor man. 
Off to show him some attention....


Teresa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, love them!!

Frankie and Ray said...

Hello Wendy! Nice to have you back. Loving the new coats, especially that stripey one. Isn't there such a joy in something new?

Lotti said...

Every time I see your jackets, I wish I had a little one to give one of these to .... a little one to wear it. They are just so lovely. They look so warm and are so different. Wonderful work.

The Moerks said...

Sew cute! Love that first one. I wish I had a little one to wear one too.

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