Sunday, June 17, 2012

the handmade show

Its a slow sunday. After one very full, indulgent bath, a few loads of big linen have been hung on the line only to get rained on, a pot of tea drunk and while the kettle is on to fill another, a very ambitious list is being written for the week.

Im finding it really time consuming to find and book into 
markets for winter. 

I dont wish to travel too far from home so have been trying to find local ones and yesterday ended up at The Handmade Show at Carnegie. Zjahlii came down with the kids to join me and here she is setting up her hairclips. She has made so many. She cant seem to stop herself and this time around they took over my market table. Being the first indoors since last year id forgotten how limited you are for space, and the table was full as soon as we began. Mind you it is a smaller table as I always need to take the clothes rack to fit alongside.

Apart from the obvious opportunity of spending time together, I also thought Zjah might feel ready to do her own stall one day soon, and now she is saying, she is. We both concluded that she wasnt allowed to use this hot pink hairclip board when she does though. It simply doesnt do her handiwork justice. Im looking forward to helping her get some props together, perhaps some natural linen canvases and a few easels and signage that we still havent seemed to come up with.

It wasnt until it was nearly time to pack up that I noticed she was growing her nails for I think the second time ever in her whole life. 

Archer is such a dream baby to have at market as he is such a serene little person who went off to sleep without a sound, just happy to be, and watch and take it all in.


MonetPaisley said...

Lovely, as you were saying that the hot pink was no good I was just thinking some lovely natural linen would be so nice! Hope you had a nice time xoxo

Caroline said...

Natural colours would look nice or maybe a plain black or white would make the pieces stand out. How lovely to now have a stall of her own.

Kate said...

I love the idea of you two sharing your marketing.
How fun!
I love the idea that she can hardly stop making hair clips too. There is nothing quite like a crafty addiction.
And yep, natural linen for sure. xx

Maxabella said...

Thats a sweet idea, Avignon her own stall. Ban the hot pink for sure! She needs a nice, plain linen.

That sweet baby boy has a twinkle in his eye that just screams fun! x

Lotti said...

So nice to have someone to share going to the market with. Agree about the bright pink board .... the jewellery would get lost on that.

We have been having a trash and treasure market to raise funds for the disabled people and their carers with the company that I work for. We've been having it once a month and have started having people come and hire stalls. It's a bit of a mixture of everything. Since we are not having our next market now until the beginning of September, I'm hoping to get together some things, knitting, sewing, crochet and soft toys for a stall for myself. My daughter also makes jewellery and I'm trying to encourage her to make some things and bring them along. We charge $10 a stall which I think is reasonable. Looking forward to the next market in September.

BOB & MABEL said...

It is just lovely sharing a market with your daughter. My little girls are 8 and 10 and are always keen to add to help me out. They have started sewing and want to have their own stall!

eSattar said...
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