Monday, April 11, 2011


size 2 eskimo for Nadia

Things will be a bit quiet here this week while I prepare to close shop
and get ready to go overseas with the Mr.
Were off to Vietnam and Cambodia to celebrate our 25th from last year. There is no way we were organised enough to go away for the actual anniversary!

I will be making myself some holiday clothes and things dont get too hectic
I may pop in to show you what im up to.
I dont really pack until the final day but I sew a whole stash in the lead up to that day,
and then choose what I want to take in the final moments. Not the most practical approach, I know, as I always make too much to actually pack, but its a great way to boost my wardrobe. I dont know about you but when im about to take off somewhere it frees up so much space in my mind to create. I think im an adrenalin junkie when it comes to sewing. Its going to be challenging as we'll be going to really hot and humid and cold mountainous regions too. 

So far all ive packed is a raincoat. (not kidding)
The Mr on the other hand has been buying his stuff and hes all done.

Check the shop announcement for the details and dates for my kids clothes.

Ill be back the second week in May, depending on when Adelin has baby,
and production of the
Lumberjackets will be in full swing.

Ill be doing ladies sizes
 small   8-10,
medium   12,
large   14-16,

so just the three for now.

Some Heidi coats will be happening too! 


A Christy Production said...

Yay for overseas trips and Yay for ladies size coats!! I might get one when I drop some more weight!!

willywagtail said...

Taking a year to get ready is really just a tad too long. enjoy your time awya! Cherrie

Copper Patch said...

I'll miss you! But I hope you have an absolute blast. Don't forget to leave lots of room in that case for all the stuff you're going to buy while you're jaunting about.
Ab xx

kitty said...

Have a beautiful time!
I'm in for a lumberjacket in small! My husband is jealous & wants you to make mens ones too.
I'll wait for your return & then I shall be hopefully placing an order. If that's ok with you, of course. Hooray!

The Moerks said...

Have a great trip and well deserved break.

melissa said...

Have a fantastic time you guys!! xx

julia said...

I like to pack like the house is on fire.

Hope you have fun on your trip.

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