Friday, April 8, 2011

a shop update

size 5
I have set myself a goal of finishing five orders today. So far ive done only two but I have taken our poor Rustico for a walk along the cliffs, a jog actually. We both needed it.

It took me an entire evening to make the patterns for the boys vests.
About four whole hours and only five sizes!

This is for you, Maxabella. Its as close as I can get to the original.

size 6-7

I looove the purple ribbon. Ive had this since before the beginning of time.
It was one of the first batches of hand dying I ever performed. I like the quirk factor it gives this cardi.

Im off to try to quirk up some more things.


The Moerks said...

That vest pattern was an hour well spent. I love the peak on the hood.

Maxabella said...

Love! Post it on the shop and I'll paypal it away!! Thank you so much for doing this for me, Wendy. I just love your stuff. x

Maxabella said...

PS - Please save the girls yellowy cream eskimo jacket for me as well as I'll purchase both. x

willywagtail said...

Very masculine!! Love the little flap on the hood too. Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

So great to see you doing amazing things, really living the dream, soon you can all retire to a little farm in some out of the way country town with great op shops and live off the fruits of your labour, only attending civilization on the weekends to sell your wares at some amazing lttle market........ Ahhhhhhh the serenity....... Love you xxoo

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