Saturday, April 2, 2011

shop update - knits

Heres the knits I finished last night.  Theyll be in the shop soon. Im getting orders for mums too.
Why am I not surprised...
(No Jo. I didnt iron these either.) Oh and if you havent checked out Jo's beautiful handknitted scarves get your pretty little necks over there pronto. Ive just put an order in for a 'pea green' number for winter. Yum!

I love the black velvet back of this one

and that there is the last of the strawberries and cream
for now. I know ill find more of this red somewhere on the planet.

I am TOTALLY loving making these and am having some
good old pure fun playing with the colours.
Only I have a big problem being happy with the choices of lace I currently have.
 Finding thrifted lace that is soft enough isnt that easy.
It looks like I have a whole big pile to choose from but that pile needs to be a lot larger for me to be able to pull out 'just the perfect one' every time to get the right balance of light and dark.

Im not completely loving these pastel ones I did the other day. Yeah theve got velvet ribbon belts
but they just dont do it for me.
Until now I had only put them on facebook.
Way too 'prettified' for where I want them to head.
I want these to be 'tea party' with grunt. 
 For girls that want to have a cake fight!
And for the mums who'll let them!


Frankie and Ray said...

Hello Wendy! Love those cardis! (oh, and who irons if they don't have to? I was famous for my work wardrobe of knits in my previous life...) Lovely lady, would you like me to list you a pea scarf in the etsy shop just for you? Jo x

Maxabella said...

Wendy, you're officially a genius. I've been looking for cute knits for the girls. I'm over to the shop pronto!! x

Maxabella said...

Okay, I'm back... are you able to do the Black Velvet in a size 6-7?!? I'm officially in love but 4-5 is too small for the Cappers and I can't justify another item of clothing for The Badoo... pretty please? x

Maxabella said...

This one:

No more comments, promise!!! x

julia said...

Oh, I love the pastels. Your look is so unique!

Re naming blue, what about Blueberry Blast? or Blueberry Blast Off (it it's for boys)

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