Friday, April 1, 2011

friday makings

 This is for Kate.
There are some loosely based piles of things ive been saving for these knits.  I had to do a quick trip to the op-shop to find some more laces as I ran out just as I got started and I thought I had a decent supply??
Its going to get chaotic in here with making over the weekend as my daughter and hubby are coming down.
Zjah said shes been doing cardigans too so well be able to compare notes and swap ideas.
Shes a fan of the frill where-as im a fan of the velvet.
And of course ill have a little person to entertain if I can prise her away from her Poppa.
Perhaps while hes cooking?

Im still sick (a cough that goes all day and all night, ive been sleeping on the couch) so wont begin the patterns for the Lumberjackets today like I wanted to. On the upside, my stomach muscles are getting a workout. Should have a six pack by monday.
I really wanted to ride the wave after all your great feedback yesterday. Its not meant to be. I got halfway through the first pattern and my supply of brown paper decided to run out after much posting at the beginning of the week.  

I had to clean out the freezer this morning and thought id do the fridge too while I was at it. I try to do this at the beginning of each month anyway but this time
there was an exploded beer bottle. Me.
To me its an odd thing to agonise about having to do a certain dreaded job housewise, then when you actually set about doing it, it takes hardly anytime at all. The more often I do a job,
like the fridge or pantry, the quicker that job takes.

I often have what I call a 'NIKE' friday. Just do it! So, ladies, heres to getting all those
 5 minute jobs done today!
In and around the 'making' of course.

Ill be drawing the winners for the giveaway today at around 5 oclock.
For anyone who hasnt yet seen it, theres still time.


Frankie and Ray said...

Hooray for small but big achievements - you've inspired me to do a quick dust while the kettle's on! Hope that cough goes away pronto.

Sarah said...

Your cough sounds hideous Wendy - sounds like you need a quiet weekend, and meals cooked by your hubby (aren't you lucky!).

The eskimos arrived in Hobart today. I posted about them - utterly thrilled. Thank you xx

Kate said...

I was a little disappointed to miss out on the pincushion draw just now when I read it, even though I didn't enter and even though I already am the proud owner of one magnificent Wendy pin cushion ...But...I read on a bit further and I saw that I got my own post!!!! My very own dedicated textures Leaf post and that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool.
Thanks Love!
That made my tiring day spent test driving caravan pulling cars so much better.
Have an ace weekend with the fam.
LOve Kate XX

Andrea said...

How lovely is that sunny spot, and your lovely big table!!! I'm wishing that the 'Andrea' in the draw was me!

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