Monday, April 4, 2011


She is growing up. Her hair is now long enough to put into tiny little pigtails.
This is her camera aware pose. She knew I was there.

We had a rollercoaster ride of a weekend. A good one.
Im still sick and hardly slept last night from coughing. The Mr left me to it.
Today I cant focus, my head is full. Ive begun moving things around in an attempt to get sorted. Its slow going but Ill get there. I cant seem to perform miracles at the moment with the house.
Im sewing in three rooms. There are blankets and knits piled here and there.

Ive taken the clothing range out of the studio and its back in the laundry on a nice fresh chrome rod that Navarh helped me put up while he was here.
 It feels like I have a blank canvas again in there now. Plus the rail
kept falling down with the weight of the eskimos. I have a small goal of doing an inventory of the current sizings by the end of the day as I have no idea what I have left after the recent markets. Over the weekend I began trialing this method of taping custom orders to the wall in organised rows and it has already freed up some of my mind for pure creation.

So much so that I hit the op-shops this morning ready to bring home something a bit different.
I rarely do this style of op-shopping as I find it clutters my home and my mind. Not today. Today I shopped with an open mind ready for new things.

I can offer more strawberries and cream cardies. Any ideas for naming the blues? Something to do with dessert would be good. Blueberry sherbet? Snozberries and custard?

Today was gooooood. I found something exciting that will inject the shop with a bit of wintery fun.
So heres hoping ill be able to launch of a new style of coat this week.
For girls only this time and youll see why when they are ready.

Ill keep you updated.


ange_moore said...

Sounds like the clearing out of your studio has helped clear your head too!

And you could have Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin cardigans (they were the only two small plastic smelly figurines I had as a child)!!

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, oh, oh! What was that blue milkshake flavour?? Blue Heaven??
I've got a new yarn I can't name's kind of purple, but kind of brown at the same time. It's got me stumped.

A Christy Production said...

SNOZBERRIES IS AMAZING!!! You have to use it!!!!

Ruth said...

Love that litlle jug. Slimmer babies like your littlie are just up my alley. So gorgeous. Cherrie

BOB & MABEL said...

Blueberry Tart if its for the ladies.... doesn't work so good for little girls though!

Michelle Macdonald said...

What about Peacock Muffin
or Azure Sorbet
or Saucy Seaside Snails
or Aqua a'la mode
or Indigo Pancake?
I'm hungry now!
Your granddaughter is so beautiful, what lovely hair. Mine was like that once.
Get well soon Snotty Girl

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