Monday, January 25, 2010

flea market finds

Here is a painting I came across while I was interstate recently. Just $8! I should have included the frame in this shot, oops. Has anyone else found something that they couldnt leave behind thinking by hook or by crook im taking this home. I dont care how hard this is to get on the plane! This painting is nearly a metre long. The glass got cracked in the corner but this happens alot in my place.

We once moved into our new abode and happily spent the afternoon hanging all of our favourite pictures to make it feel more like home, only to be woken in the middle of the night by a huge crash. The picture that had decided to fall was another one that I brought back from my camping trip to tasmania, (yepp another attempt to get it through online baggage experience) Idiot. Not to mention how hard it was to camp and carry around a painting. It looked lovely in the dappled, slightly too green, light of the tent. Yeh right.
The main attraction of the painting in question was the hundred year old glass.
 Did you know that glass is fluid, meaning it never quite hardens? Thats why old glass looks the way it does. I have never replaced the glass because I cant bear to put something other than the perfect glass back.

Oh and here is something else I got excited when I found recently

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