Sunday, January 31, 2010

the power of white

I was so inspired by the image of Eleesas lounge room and how she puts together her rooms. She speaks to us about painting her room white.  I wanted to inspire back with shots of our country house renovation. Especially the power that simple white paint can have

lounge ceiling before

lounge ceiling after
plus a new central chandelier

looking from the lounge into the kitchen
before painting the doorframe and ceiling


looking from the kitchen into the lounge
during rendering the brick walls

the same view after painting and rendering

If you have painted something white recently (even if its not an entire house) Id love to see it!
 Dont hesitate to link back to here. Lets get out our paint brushes ladies!


victoria said...

That house looks absolutely gorgeous. A bit off the subject of white - I love that big cabinet full of crockery. Nice to "meet" you!

Fine Little Day said...

O very nice, looks like a beutiful house!

Vic said...

Thank you very much for posting this - what a difference white makes indeed!

We are moving into a little old cottage at the end of the month & there is a loft in our bedroom that was added it as the ceilings are so high, but the underside, now the ceiling, is a dark wood & seems to shrink the room considerably. I was toying with the idea of painting it white but you have absoloutely convinced me!

the textured leaf said...

Youre very welcome indeed. Im so glad to inspire you.
If only I could find (have searched everywhere) the original photos of when we purchased this place complete with the dated furniture and red puffy pleather lounge and green billiard table carpet and the list goes on. You would be really inspired then.
I hope to find them soon.
Then the fun will really start!

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