Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have you heard the good news over at Soulemama?
I Have To Say is hosting a fantastic quilt-along and ive found it just in time to see the first weeks to-doings.

Im going to add these fabrics to the one I have already started for Mali, my grand-daughter. Im slicing into it as we speak. I blogged about this piece I had started here. It seemed silly to start a new one ( i hope thats not cheating, ladies)

a neat stack
 and then
 I start throwing them around to see if I want to delete anything

nothing so far

I especially love the unexpected black

and the small pieces of coffee for a vintage feel.

 Its never too late to join in though if you need to think about it for a bit longer or, like me, your kids arent back at school and you have the book/uniform thing happening this week.

Be sure to check it out before you make up your mind!


Kirsty said...

A quilt along sounds like a grand idea. Hope you have fun.

beck said...

Sounds great! I love, love, love your fabrics, the look fabulous together. Hope we get to see more xo

yardage girl said...

Nice fabrics, and it looks like you've been having some fun with them! Nic

Wendy said...

Ooh, pretty! I love your choices...can't wait to see how it comes together!

june at noon said...

I love all those fabrics together. The vintage feel is very nice.

the textured leaf said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback. I do have high hopes of staying on track to finish this one. There are four more in the cupboard!

Sarah said...

I love those vintage fabrics. Am dying to make a quilt myself this year so always great to be inspired by crafty quilt making peeps!

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