Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lets rewind a few weeks. To before I had computer problems. I found suddenly I couldnt load photos and then we got a really bad virus and there was nothing I could do but put everything on hold and take it to be fixed. I didnt realise that if you have more than one antivirus spy-ware they fight one another over time, did you?
Lets get to the craft bit.

This is how I made the dress for my sons wedding.
I took a favourite dress of mine to cut around and made myself a fresh cup of tea.


I know I said something about a red dress but when I spotted this fabric at Spotlight I just had to get it.
I already had been having thoughts of peacock feathers for my hair so it was meant to be.

In its early stages before I put darts in and the sleeve cuffs and the hem.

The sleeves have a seam down the centre and a cuff like a kimono-esque style.

I decided to look at my stash and found this leafy wide lace to weight down the bottom of the dress so it would slink.

I tried to machine stitch it on as I was in a hurry
but it warped and buckled and didnt sit well at all.
 I had to hand-stitch it in the end.

 I know I have a jacket on, I was cold, but heres a decent shot of my feather headpiece and you can see the red ribbon trim I used around the dress. Ill need to take a proper shot of me in the dress (ill post it in here) as I dont seem to have one now that ive searched, how odd.

More to come on how I made Adelins fascinator and cape in following posts.


Kate said...

Stunning! I love it all and I have missed you and this space. X

Copper Patch said...

Wolf whistle!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing a full pick. Nice teaser though :o)

the textured leaf said...

Ohhh! thanks guys. Ive missed being here too, believe me.

TK said...

I just really love the fabric.....totally understand why you bought it.....what a stunning Mother of the Groom you made!!! absolutely beautiful.

Sara said...

Oh my - you look absolutely STUNNING! Blown away by the beauty sort of stunning! Well done you! So glad to see you back too. I'm not back though...but soon I hope to be. Oh I feel so happy knowing there will be more textured leaf for me to read soon! xx

Michelle Macdonald said...

beeeyootifoool dress. And I love fascinators! Wanna see the dress on!! Love that fabric too.

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