Sunday, August 22, 2010


Through these colder months weve been attending life drawing classes together on Monday evenings. It is enjoyable even if it is a bit of a challenge. For me, not him. The challenge I mean. For him its as simple as breathing.
Mr TL has been producing some fantastic works worthy of framing.
This one is my favourite... until tomorrow evening, when he will probably do an even more amazing piece.

My attempt at the same pose, (a very awkward one at that, where the model had his arms in stirrups), I wont be putting it anywhere near a wall as I have given it to a friend. Not really what I would call a gift as I wasnt happy with it and told her so.
Maybe ill have something that I like, to show to you one day soon...

On a craftier note I have been sewing new curtains for Spring. Spotlight had a sale so I grabbed me a whole lot of simple textured fabric at under $5 a metre. I had a re-shuffle of existing curtains and switched rooms around in my tidy-ups lately. Here are some old curtains that were from an op-shop and were too short after I chopped the old shabby tops off. I have sewn a length of velvet to the base to lengthen them. They are nice and drapey now. I think all curtains should hit the floor so as not to look skimpy and perfectly fitted. But thats just me!


pve design said...

How wonderful that you are sketching. Think of the paper as fabric and you are the machine or the needle. I know you will do great things.

beck said...

Life drawing is so challenging isn't it? Hey, love the curtains! Didn't know Spotlight had a sale...must check it out xo

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