Sunday, February 3, 2013

a very unusual happening

a very unusual happening happened. 
unless you are on Instagram (i am well and truly on it) you may not know that
a bit of dressmaking has been going on in the new studio this past week. 
summer dresses for women is what ive been endeavouring to achieve all summer and hadnt, which led me into today when a customer unwittingly forced me to return to the blog and post a sample page. til now i never realised how it might be possible for someone else to make this happen, for as far as i was concerned i would remain the master of my own fate, no matter how seasonally challenged i had become.
i have been trying to get back to here since the beginning of this year which is, or now was, a self imposed deadline that was never meant to be.
and now im here again, not quite finding the words of proper return but ill muddle through anyway.

the ladies wrap dress samples are below.
i do have more, as any of you who are on Instagram are aware, if youve seen the studio makeover that just happened, so i will try to update again within the month.
for now happy browsing and please leave a comment to place an order...   

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