Tuesday, February 26, 2013



im just in here saying a huge thankyou to you wonderful ladies
 who popped in to leave me a comment,
for finding my blog for me,
and basically just letting me
know that all was not lost.
ive been trying to get back here forever!
 and i mean 
f  o  r  e  v  e  r  !

i dont know where to start to explain so i wont.
but im very, very grateful that you are all still here.

so...you may have noticed,
ive done a little house rearranging with the new name and all, and ill be filling in the blanks
soon enough, with updated links to the side bar to get things back on track. 

boy i have missed the way
 this place helps me sort my daily thoughts, giving me the creative focus that someone such as me craves, 
not to mention all of you there to listen to the ramble. 
i cant find anymore words at present so im outa here for tonight. 
for now im simply happy to be back.
its been real let me tell you.

ps. for those of you who popped by the other day, ill be emailing you
personally with a little surprise i have in store. so please make sure ill be able to contact you via your profile

catch you tomorrow!


Lea said...

I wondered about you Wendy and hoped life was just busy and not hard. Great to have you back in Blogsville.

willywagtail said...

Exciting to see you back again Wendy. Looking forward to lots of inspiration again. I really wanted to see your quilt tutorial the other week and couldn't find you anywhere. Is it possible to make the writing a tad larger. This old lady has trouble reading it. Cherrie

small forest said...

Im sorry Cherrie I dont know what has happened to it!

Copper Patch said...

Coming out of the cocoon beautiful butterfly lady.... :)

zofia said...

Nice to see you back Wendy.
I miss visiting your blog.
Hope all is well. xx

Robert Gomez said...

Thank you for sharing your unique perspective and message of hope. It is very good to be reminded that language and "knowledge" can dissociate us not only from others but from ourselves. Office furniture Melbourne

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