Monday, September 3, 2012


i didnt feel like i wanted to close shop during the move. so i didnt. instead i placed an announcement on the shop page over at etsy, that i wouldnt be taking orders until we were settled in again, however i somehow never counted on no-one seeing it, even though its there for literally all the world to see. 
so then, me being me, by the time the seasons began to warm, so did i (to the idea of sewing custom items), and the orders that have begun coming in thick and fast are welcome. 
but im left wondering why they are orders for more jackets?!

if youre loving the blue dress above its available in the shop. i cannot take credit for this lovely piece as i kind of placed my own order for it with a good friend who made it for me while i was side tracked with all thats been going on. 
if you look closely, the jackets above are still buttonless at the time of photographing them for their listings, such is the way of things at textured leaf studio for the moment!


Imogen Eve said...

I love that dress. The colour is gorgeous.

mel @ loved handmade said...

It's because those jackets are so darn gorgeous that people keep ordering!! Loving that little dress too, and looking forward to putting mine on again soon with weather warming up, hope it wraps around me for a while yet this season..xx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

how did the move go? Love that dress!

mia gracia said...

That little jacket is adorable. I want to but one for my nephew. She'kk surely love it.
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her billowing heart said...

oh i adore these jackets!!!
lots of loveliness!

Larissa said...

Beautiful clothes. :) Love the dress!

Zane Wooder said...

The blue dress blows my mind. I want to get that for my mommy. She would look great on it. That or for my girlfriend. You are amazing at making cloths.


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