Tuesday, August 7, 2012

leaving this garden

soon this place wont exist. 

it will be razed to the ground. so in the next couple of days before we leave i want to capture some of the beauty of this lovely deep garden so ill be able to look back. not something i like doing usually. i prefer forward. the mr is the one who looks backward.
there are still some plants that i will be saving from the rubbish pile. as many as i can fit in the van in the last load on the final day. 


Kylie said...

It makes me feel sad that this is going to happen. I hope you're going to take some of those violets.

mel @ loved handmade said...

It really is sad to see such a lovely place demolished, and it seems you guys really enjoyed being there. There are so many gorgeous old places with history and character being replaced around us at the moment, it breaks my heart..x

Lotti said...

Seems like the old must make way for the new and I get that sad feeling when that happens. My great grandparents lived in a lovely old cottage in South Belgrave in Victoria .... when it was sold a Dr. bought the house, with it's beautiful garden and I mean beautiful as my great grandfather was a gardener and LOVED his garden and the whole thing was bull dozed to make way for a huge new and modern house. When I went back to see it years later the whole thing just never looked the same. I felt very sad that that part of my childhood was gone. So I totally understand how you are feeling about this lovely garden. Looking forward to seeing where you move on to.

Maxabella said...

Wah! That's really tough. I hope you take lots of cuttings, hon. x

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