Sunday, August 5, 2012


ive been living in the laundry.
since the horticulture course began all i have been seeming to achieve is not keeping up with the washing with a bit of dishes thrown in.
but me being me ive managed to make this laundry life eventful anyway.

having the couch potato sick for five long weeks with multi bugs meant night sweats where he would go through all the linen in the house in a repetitive three day turn around. and even though he is nearly eighteen all he wanted was company for movie watching and cuddles. then one night while i was at the other end of the house looking at new places to rent (im well. and. truly. over. the laundry flooded and i was forced to wash everything right there and then even though it was raining big time cos id gotten to the stage of throwing things on the floor closing the door and walking away.  

then there was the day i decided that washing a vintage feather pillow was a good idea, you know, to decontaminate it from all the sickness in the house. well...after it burst inside the machine and took me a whole evening to figure out how to deal with, im still vacuuming the drier after each use and have had to throw some darker clothes away. all of this while i should really have been dealing with the packing.
a few feathers still remain floating in and out the door but we are well on our way to having things in boxes by the end of the week and meanwhile i have hit a kind of all time high in the etsy store. 

i thought about having a giveaway for all of you nice people but i just cant right now so ill surprise you one day later on. this time i actually know what im sewing for once instead of having to ask.

we move out in five days! eeep


mel @ loved handmade said...

Wow, you've had a massive week!! Why is it that the laundry floods just when you don't think you could possibly cope with anything more?! This happened to me last week, two boys down with gastro no linen left and two piles of clothes waiting on the floor. Congrats on your store sales and good luck with the move..x

willywagtail said...

o Wendy. What a dreadful run you have been having. Hope the couch potato is feeling well again and you find a longer term rental next time. Cherrie

Andrea said...

Aye aye aye. Whirlwind of feathery craziness at yours. Hopefully you don't catch the lurgy too!

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