Friday, December 11, 2009

brown paper packages

I cant wrap presents! I always end up wrecking the paper and having to iron it. I love to give things to people though and having my Etsy shop now is challenging me to wrap things perfectly and quickly too. I really hope to have my own signature style that I can perform over and over again. I came up with this what I hope to be fool-proof approach. I folded the item as small as possible and placed it on a diagonal to the paper, yes its one of my etsy dresses....

I just kept folding and made sure there was enough overlap but wasnt quite sure if it was going to work out nicely or look professional at all. Secretly I was aiming for an old-fashioned, simple Japanesie-esque style without the hassle. One more fold and I placed some string around it and used my Vistaprint stamp for a professional finish. The tree print is a woodcut from my husbands studio and I managed to smudge it terribly

Here is the result which I think looks, dare I say, ever so slightly origami-ish ( better than if I tried too hard and creased the paper in the process)

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